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ARK's shelter in Nose cares for and rehabilitates abandoned, stray, unwanted and ill-treated animals with the aim of finding them caring permanent homes.

ARK's main objectives are neutering, promotion of better treatment and understanding of animals through education, and efforts to change the laws to protect animals.

How Your Donations Help

Your donations help ARK to continue its work of rescuing and caring for abandoned animals as well as to cover essential veterinary costs such as neutering, vaccinations, medicines and emergency surgery.

¥1,000 can provide for one vaccination.

¥5,000 can provide a basic medical examination and blood-test.

¥10,000 can provide neutering for one animal.

It costs ARK an average of 1 million yen a month just on animal medical bills alone. That means it costs an average 12 million a year.

If you would like to help ARK please send your remittance to one of our accounts.

Donate Online

Please see our Online Donations FAQ.

Pay Via Bank Account

Please send your remittance to one of these accounts, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Post Office:

Osaka ARK Postal Account
No: 00900-0-151103
Animal Refuge Kansai

*When you arrange the remittance from other banks, please use the following information;
Japan Post Bank
099 branch
No. 0151103

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: ARK members and sponsors can now take advantage of a post office direct debit system (Account no: 14100-94350271) to have money transferred automatically from their account, to pay their membership fee or to support their special animal at ARK.

Tokyo ARK Postal Account: Donations can be made via the Post Office
No: 00940-0-250984

*When you arrange the remittance from other banks, please use the following information;
Japan Post Bank
099 branch
No. 0250984

Bank Accounts:

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ikeda Branch
No: 5288059 ARK

Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank Ikeda Branch
No: 1472705 ARK

In the UK
Lloyds Bank Jersey
Account name: Animal Refuge Kansai ARK
Account number:1381476
Sort code: 30-94-61
IBAN: GB85LOYD 3094-6101-3814 76

Please use post office when possible to send money. When a donation is made through a bank, the bank does not reveal any details of the person making the donation so if you wish to send money through a bank for the first time, please let us know your name, address, telephone number, and donation type by telephone or fax.
TEL:072-737-0712(1885) FAX:072-737-1886

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