The Adoption Process

1. Contact us
You can reach ARK by phone, email, our contact form or regular mail.

2. Tell us about yourself
Tell us your situation, your circumstances and the environment the dog or cat will live in by either:

  1. Filling out the online adoption questionnaire (this is our preferred method) OR
  2. Downloading a version of the questionnaire as a pdf file, printing it, filling it in then faxing it to us and/or bringing it with you when you visit us.

3. Preliminary screening for short-term residents
This process varies from person to person. We regret to announce that adoptions to military families have been temporarily suspended.

4. Meet us
We will help you to select an animal which will best suit you and your lifestyle.
If possible, we would like to meet all the members of your family. If you have not sent them to us already, please bring the following:

  1. The printed questionnaire (if you have not filled out the online form)
  2. Pictures of your house/apartment, garden, fence, gate (if you have not already e-mailed them to us)
  3. Height of fence and/or gate (if you are adopting a dog)

5. Meet and spend time with the dog or cat of your choice
Take the dog for a walk or play with the cat to get to know about him or her.

6. Welcome your new family member
If you satisfy all the requirements, welcome the dog or cat as a new member of your family. At that time we will ask you to sign an Adoption Pledge - you can download it and read it here.

Adoption Fees

The ¥15, 000 (PER ANIMAL) adoption fee covers the following:

  • vaccination
  • blood test
  • spaying/neutering
  • microchipping

(Taken together these could cost in excess of ¥50,000 yen at your local vet.)

We would appreciate any donation or purchase at ARK’s shop in order to enable us to continue our rescue work.

Transport Fees

You will be required to pay the airline fees for animals traveling between Osaka and Tokyo. Cost is calculated based on weight. (A kitten costs approx. ¥3000 and a German Shepherd approx. ¥25,000. ) Within central Tokyo, animals can be delivered to your home for an extra fee as listed below.

Within 10 km of the Tokyo ARK office / 3,000 yen
Over 10 km / 3,000 yen plus 1,000 yen per every 3 km
Over 15 km / Above plus highway toll

*The distance is measured using navitime.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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