Neutering Your Pet

Neutering your cat or dog should ideally be done at 2-3 months of age. However, as it is difficult to find good vets that will do them this young in Japan, you may have to consider waiting until your pet is 5-6 months old. Do not neuter your pet when it is in season (dogs must wait 4-5 months after their last season) as this can be very dangerous during surgery due to extreme blood loss. There are several benefits of early neutering:

  • Your pet will be healthier and have a higher life expectancy due to a lower chance of suffering from mammary, uterine, prostate and testicular cancers (risk of mammary cancer is almost zero in females spayed before the first season).
  • Safer for your pet, neutered pets are less likely to roam around giving it less chance of contracting contagious diseases, being killed in traffic accidents or ending up lost or stolen.
  • Spraying is eliminated.
  • Neutered pets become calmer and less aggressive.
  • Young animals respond better to surgery, recovering more rapidly from anaesthesia.

Please note that neutered pets put on weight more easily due to the lowering of their metabolic rate. Reduce the amount of food given or change to a special type of food, such as, Weltham low calorie control.

Please consult with your vet for more advice.

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