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Your help is vital in achieving in reality, ARK's new animal welfare centre.
We need funds to start the first phase of building.

Please support us and be part of this exciting project !

Donate what you can, or consider sponsoring part of the site. As a sponsor, your name will be inscribed on a plaque adjacent to whatever it is you sponsored. [Unless you wish to remain anonymous of course.]

The best way to send us money from abroad is via PayPal. Sponsorship starts from just ¥10,000.

You can download a sponsorship form as a PDF file »here

An Environmental note
Throughout the site we will use as much natural light as we can, through large skylights, supplemented by a super-efficient LED lighting system. This is quite expensive to install, but should cut our lighting electricity costs by 80%. 

Dog Kennels
total cost ¥139,650,000
The kennels are housed in a single building and are fully protected against the elements. They will house the bulk of the 200 or so dogs that we expect to have on site at any one time.  Each kennel has stainless steel grills - this guarantees a long life and makes them far easier to clean, guarding against the transmission of disease - and will have underfloor heating, vital in Japan's cold winters. We will use as much natural light as we can, via large skylights. 

Kennel design drawings.

There will be 41 single/double/multiple-dog kennels, the largest of which will be able to take friend-groups of up to 4 or 5 dogs.

To sponsor the kennels...
We have divided each kennel into 10 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥300,000/unit. 

total cost ¥92,400,000
Again, the cattery is fully protected against the elements. The cat-rooms incorporate all the comforts of a home atmosphere. There will be 32 single/multiple cat rooms. 

Cattery design drawings.

To sponsor the cattery...
We have divided each cat room into 10 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥280,000/unit.

Costs for cattery and kennels
include structure, roof, walls, stainless steel fencing, water supply, electrical system, insulation, ventilation, drainage, underfloor heating and probably solar energy.

Education/Training Building
total cost ¥36,750,000
This is a critical part of the site: it will have a living-sedum roof for insulation.

To sponsor the education building...
500 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥70,000/unit.


This is the main exercise area for dogs, and is also where we will hold events. Preparation involving levelling the land and bringing in top-soil and fencing it with 228-metres of fence, with double gates for security, has already been completed. We have planted pasture grass seeds plus trees and bushes.

To sponsor Dog Land...

Access road 85 metres
total cost ¥1,237,000

100 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥12,000/unit.

Ground work with new soil
total cost ¥2,274,000

100 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥20,000/unit.

Fence - 228m
total cost ¥2,251,000

228 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥10,000/unit.

total cost ¥28,980,000
This may not seem like the most exciting building to sponsor, but it is essential for the storage of animal foods and other materials. The entrance will have double doors to prevent mice and other vermin entering. It will have a second floor for lighter goods.

500 "sponsorship-units" at a cost of ¥60,000/unit.

You can download a sponsorship form as a PDF file »here

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