Sasayama moving forward

Sasayama moving forward
This is what we are currently planning for 2015 and beyond. We can only do this with your help!

Last year, 2014, saw the first kennel building in Sasayama, completed; a brand new state of the art kennel block, built to international standards. While the construction itself was carried out by a local company, Matsuda Gumi, the interior parts came from a company in Shropshire, UK. Getting these parts imported, as well as having a professional installer from the UK, took planning and time but finally we were able to hold an opening party on May 25th. At present there are 29 dogs there with two staff rotating to look after them. This building has been much admired and it is thanks to the generosity of so many of you and also to funding by UK's Dogs Trust, that this could be achieved.

Next on the agenda is a cattery and we know that so many of you cat lovers out there, are impatient to see this completed. The total building dimensions will measure 40 x 12 metres and contain approximately 34 enclosures; some for single or pairs of cats, others for groups of cats that get along well together. There will be sleep rooms with access to play areas which will give the cats a chance to sit in the sun and enjoy watching the birds and butterflies outside. We are planning to plant a garden around the building especially choosing plants that attract butterflies. Also included will be two socialisation rooms where potential adopters can meet cats in a home room environment, and other utility rooms for food preparation, storage and laundry.

Cats, unlike dogs, are not taken out on walks so they need a stimulating environment to reduce stress and keep them active; different levels for climbing, places for them to hide or take a nap and toys. Materials for the interiors should be easy to clean and there need to be sneeze barriers between rooms to stop any airborne cross-infections. We are sure that our cats will benefit physically and mentally from living in the country environment at Sasayama.

Please join us in this exciting new project and help sponsor a cat room. Your feline friends are just waiting for this building to be completed and for them to move in.

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